How to actually get more matches on Tinder

How to actually get more matches on Tinder

christopher price

christopher price

May 04, 2019 — 6 mins read

For many of the 50 million plus people who are actively swiping, Tinder is a sobering experience filled with lost connections, last minute cancellations, and the occasional rendezvous that falls short of a desired outcome. Today we are going to learn the best ways to get more high quality matches on Tinder and other dating apps. If you are struggling to find matches on Tinder this article was written just for you.

Selection is key to having a successful Tinder profile. Who selects you is contingent on your perceived value as a potential Tinder Match. There are quite a few ways to demonstrate higher value, and while being very physically attractive is a great one, many men who people may consider beautiful are equally if not more desperate than even average looking men. Then there are a group of men who call themselves pickup artists. A pickup artist is a man or woman who has studied the vast troves of information collected over decades by other people who wish to seek out higher quality partners and woo their dates with expertly crafted routines. The most successful men on Tinder are the ones who have studied this information, which has been coined as the Venusian Art.

This article is not a comprehensive guide to the Venusian arts, but we will give you a free condensed version of the most important lessons as they apply to getting more dates on Tinder and other dating apps. So lets begin with a few fundamentals of online dating that actually carry over into the mating market as a whole. The first lesson is that everything you write on your Tinder Profile should appear genuine. This is hard for some of us because we may have financial, physical, or even social handicaps that make us over-analyze ourselves thus heavily detracting from our self image.

The handicap principle is a hypothesis originally proposed in 1975 by Israeli biologist Amotz Zahavi . It basically states that during any mating ritual an honest signal which cannot be bluffed should be demonstrated by the male of a species and perceived by the female of a species to be true, costly, and in one way or another demonstrate the males higher value. This is called a Zahavian signal. This is so much more important than being attractive as a man. I'll repeat this. Having an excellent way to demonstrate higher value that can't be faked is more important than being good looking. There are a number of reasons for this but the science would probably say its because sperm is cheap and there is no shortage of beauty.

Many male pickup artists believe that in order to demonstrate your higher value to a woman your right of passage should not be easy. When a woman sees your Tinder profile, she has to make a decision on whether or not you even get to compete for that role. Much like a startup trying to get series-a funding from an investor, a mans job is to prove his value in a way that can't be faked. Lets get to the goods now about what makes an excellent tinder profile that is very likely to get a lot of high-quality matches.

First and foremost you should never have to lie on your profile. Despite what some may say, women are not greedy or overly focused on your employment. Sure you could provide examples an archetype who seeks out pro-golfers and NBA players but the majority of women don't ever consider that. I know one of the best pickup artists on earth who told me that at least 80% of human beings are what he calls sapiosexual, which roughly means "to find intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.") . This could explain why humans have risen to the top of the animal kingdom.

Lets go over a unique Tinder bio that would likely get a lot of right swipes. The bio is as follows:

"Hello. My name is Kris and I am a native resident of anchorage Alaska. My star sign is the Libra if that matters. I'm here on Tinder to find a true connection. I'm looking for meaningful conversations and a relationship built on a foundation of great memories and honesty. I'm a man of great ambitions and lofty goals and I love to educate and share my knowledge with others who are curious"

I wrote this out so you may use this in your own profile for free.

This bio was written by a pickup artist who chooses to go by the pseudonym S-fox. He stands at a height of 5 foot 7 inches and has about 50 hairs on his head. Hes is a truly interesting man with the confidence of a pit-bull despite the fact he has never been in a physical altercation. I asked him to give me his best profile bio for this article and he explained it to me as such. He said this profile is the best because it doesn't talk about his profession, his living situation, or his physical attributes. It simply extenuates those issues by showing quality interest in a way that could in-site mystery.

Profile images are very important on tinder. Zahavian signals in the animal kingdom are often much simpler than the rituals we as people must put on to attractive a high quality mate. The problem that a lot of men have is they copy what they consider to be the tried and true ways to attract women. The standard ensemble is as follows.

  • Some sort of classy looking watch
  • A clean polo-shirt
  • Sun glasses, maybe ray-bans
  • Expensive shoes
  • Hair gel creating a swoop

If you don't do these things, good for you. Just don't mistake sweatpants and a linty fleece for good peacocking. If you aren't familiar with peacocking then I suggest you read a book called "The Game", by Neil Strauss. Peacocking is a well-known term for making yourself appear large than life with physical antics such as unique looking jewelry, snow-boarding goggles on your head, or even a shirt with a bizarre design that makes people ask questions. Peacocking can be relatively subtle but it should not mimic anything anyone else does. The whole idea is to send a unique and expensive signal that can't be replicated. Even if a woman asks you "Why do you wear that stupid thing?", you can simply respond with "Because you're interested in me'.

The final key to getting more matches on Tinder is numbers. Online pickup artistry requires much higher numbers to be competitive. Sure you have a great profile now, but the unfortunate truth is using dating apps like tinder make it easy for anyone to search for matches all day. That's why Tinder offers a service called boost. Boost is a feature where for a small amount of money you can artificially place yourself above the heaps of right-swipers and duck-faced models who don't care about catching chlamydia. What you should realize that is everyone's circumstance changes and in a city with even 50,000 people there will large groups of new or returning people signing on Tinder or Bumble every day who will only look through a limited number of profiles before making a choice. The best way to guarantee more matches on Tinder or Bumble is to put aside a little money to use these features matches with your newly crafted profile.

If you are as busy as many of us are, we offer a service that can help you match with more people. I'll summarize the service as quickly as possible. We create really good dating app profiles for you based off a few questionnaires and your best photos. We search in multiple locations where you wouldn't mind doing on dates. Our pickup artists talk to potential matches for you, and if we hit gold based of your specifications we hand over the conversations and your matches contact information. Consider us match-makers. Learn More.

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